Old Offenders 2018 Awards

Matt 'Starsky' Hutchison

The Tyson Fury Award

Mo 'Speedy' / 'Beep Beep' Daili

The Usain Bolt Award

John 'JC' 'Timber!' Clarke

The Tom Daley Award

Martyn 'Jasper' Benstead

The Red Mist Award

Wayne 'Rooster' Bull

Most Likely To Miss An open Goal Award

John 'Busby' / 'Banana Man' Bird

Most Supportive And Understanding Player Award

Paul 'Psycho' Standen

Best Wearer Of A Knee Support Award

Steve 'Sky High' Lawrence

Most Likely To Back Heel The Ball Award

Mike 'Minion' Parsons

Best Optometric Eye Wear Award

Martin 'Shades' Griston

Best Toe Poker Award

Donna 'Paparazzi' Griston

Best Credit Card User Award


There was going to be a 'Smallest Member' award but we suddenly realized that it might be ....er.......misconstrued...... :-)