FWFC Supporters Club

Donna Griston and Carol Bamforth


Officially cheering us on, they tend to miss much of the action by gossiping about new nail bars opening and other such strange things....Still, they make the effort and turn up....providing it isn't raining

Max Marcheselli & Jacqui Bamforth


After enjoying cheering us in in the tournament in Kent they insist they will watch us again....possibly in this life time. I can assure you they will always cheer us on.....possibly with "Really?" - Max or "You're embarrassing me again daddy" - Jacqui. Still, any support is better than none eh? ;-)

Kerry Amanda Smith & Shona Semple Felton


They have promised to appear in ra-ra skirts and wave pom-poms the next time we appear at the tournament in Worcester Park.



Well? It was either us or Oldham Athletic......

Barnsley Sime


As the owner of Solid Front Radio, Barnsley Sime has promised to regularly mention us and play tunes for us such as 'One Step Beyond', 'All The Madmen' and 'Lip Up Fatty'.