Cheshunt Tournament 2018

The tournament squad

We came, we played't win. Mind you, we didn't always lose either! Terrible start to the tournament as we were trounced by Barnet A. We did improve as the tournament proceeded - proof being Barnet A only just nicked it 1 - 0 at our second meeting....... L-R Back : Martin 'Shades' Griston, Martin 'Jasper' Benstead, Paul 'Captain Buster' Hardy, Chris 'The Cat' Beech, Wade Lewis, John JC 'Timber!' Clarke. L-R Front : Neil 'Bammy' Bamforth, Rob 'Screaming Lord' Sutch, Andrew 'Penny' Lane

Paul 'Captain Buster' / 'Bald Pele' Hardy

Team Captain 'Buster' tried manfully - and with some success - to get the team playing after a disastrous first game when Barnet 'A' battered us. As they only nicked the second against us with a late goal we clearly improved as the tournament went on. Captain 'Buster' remained extraordinarily calm as chaos ensued around him and guided us into a reasonably respectable performance overall. Played 6, drew 3 and lost 3 but, two of the losses were to single goals. Given 'Buster' and 'Bammy' were both clearly carrying injuries, it wasn't actually such a bad showing.

A controversially disallowed goal!

Chairman Sky High refereed two of Feltham's games and controversially disallowed a superbly taken goal by Andrew 'Penny' Lane. Admittedly Bammy cheated to give us an edge but he just knew Sky High wouldn't notice as he called 'Leave it!' and the Barnet 'B' player did so. This let Bammy through and a swift pass to 'Penny' and in it went. Barnet 'B' understandably objected to Bammy's cheating - albeit they understood as he is a northerner. After Chris 'The Cat' grassed Bammy up the goal was finally disallowed.

Player of the Tournament

After a particularly shaky opening game, everyone knuckled down and, as the tournament progressed, a number of players performances improved. Martin 'Jasper' Benstead started playing well, despite suffering a quite horrendous tackle from a piece of astro-turf that viciously tripped him up. Wade Lewis, our debutant keeper made several excellent saves - I haven't thought up a nickname for him yet - and Andrew 'Penny' Lane played well throughout in mid-field. Without a shadow of a doubt though, our player of the tournament award went, deservedly, to Rob 'Screaming Lord' Sutch who did, on occasion, come close to screaming at the teams early poor form.